Disclaimer: I will not be attaching blame to any one side as I mean only to record facts.

The month of May is turning out to be a deadly time in Cairo. We expected unrest because of Presidential elections due to take place on 24 May but we did not quite expect so much violence. On Wednesday up to 20 protesters were killed in Abbasiyeh, a poor suburb neighbouring the Ministry of Defence headquarters. This venue was chosen due to many Islamists protesting against the ruling army and the fact that one of their candidates had been excluded from the election.

Today, the army clashed with protesters and I shall report on the outcome tomorrow. It is extremely unfortunate that these battles take place in Cairo while most of the population in Egypt stands divided but non-violent. However that is the way with cities and they provide a 'crushing' point. A news focus too.

I do not know whether we are approaching Revolution phase again but I do have my fears as the signs are amazingly similar. My school is not under threat but many of my buses travel near flash points. More soon.