Dr Weil, a well-known US health guru, sends out a daily newsletter about diet, disease and exercise. They are very good.

However, last week Dr Weil described a colonoscopy as a simple procedure. I do not agree--- there is nothing simple about it. Imagine being tortured by a man who pushes a whip up your orifice and sends it all along the way through the colon until it reaches your appendix.This whip has a camera and 'snippers' for taking biopsy samples. I had one last month and now realise why the surgeon ordered one week of bed rest afterwards. Pressure of work prevented this and I'm still uncomfortable 4 weeks later. I have little burning pains and discomfort in every abdominal place and it will take another month or two (I hopefully think), to calm.

If a colonoscopy is called for in your case, take it easy for two weeks at least after this assault on your body. The procedure is certainly worth the discomfort but don't end up feeling 'beaten up' like I still do. Not so simple actually!

(Even if you do rest adequately, it is still a huge trauma.)