Most of my blog friends lead inspiring lives and I think I've been pretty inspired too. Now I've settled down and there is little exploring to do at 'just about' 65. I became a headmaster at a young age and school was never my first priority. My priorities were simple:My wife, my children, our love of dancing and music, our love of socialising. After leaving Government employment we travelled to quite a few countries in Africa, teaching and experiencing other cultures.

Our adventures were inspiring, social lives lived to the limit and life was not boring. I have been kidnapped, arrested and snowed in. I have rescued people in a disaster and I have gone out looking for students at night in the Lesotho Highlands. My life has been enriched by adventure.

Now, I run a successful school and spend many working hours seeing to school matters. My staff complain because we do not go out at night to eat or socialise. Well, thats just us in our sixties. It is not a case of 'you're losers'. Hardly. We brought up two sensible adults.

Now, to ward off old age syndrome or alzheimers, we work. And it's fulfilling. And we'll carry on for as long it takes.