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  • In the News (with comment).

    -A Footballer from Sheffield, Chad Evans, has been sentenced to jail for rape. His stupid mates have begun tweeting about slags and whores not realising that tweets (I don't tweet--it's for lazy bloggers!), are in the public domain. Hope these tweeters (?) know they could also go to the klink.
    -The Secretary For Culture has been shifty about his dealings with Murdoch. But he's a posh boy so he thinks he can get away with it. He'll be gone soon.
    -Samsung has overtaken Apple with mobile technology and sales. Their phones are great but I would not know how to use one!
    -Liberia's Charles Taylor has been found guilty of war crimes. Good. What worries me is the remainder of the little bastards running African countries who are as bent as a 9 pound note!Forget the sixties--there are many still around. Mugabe, you say? No, he is not in their league. He's at the top!
    -Ed Balls has run the London marathon. Well, he couldn't run anything else could he?
    -BSkyB is not exactly setting an example with its ads. According to a recent survey Sky is promoting Insurance companies, quick loan providers and PPI claim companies without revealing the whole story about commission or interest charges.These guys are crooks and charlatans. Sky not so clean after all.

    Cheers. Enjoy the weekend.

  • Colonoscopy: Not so simple.

    Dr Weil, a well-known US health guru, sends out a daily newsletter about diet, disease and exercise. They are very good.

    However, last week Dr Weil described a colonoscopy as a simple procedure. I do not agree--- there is nothing simple about it. Imagine being tortured by a man who pushes a whip up your orifice and sends it all along the way through the colon until it reaches your appendix.This whip has a camera and 'snippers' for taking biopsy samples. I had one last month and now realise why the surgeon ordered one week of bed rest afterwards. Pressure of work prevented this and I'm still uncomfortable 4 weeks later. I have little burning pains and discomfort in every abdominal place and it will take another month or two (I hopefully think), to calm.

    If a colonoscopy is called for in your case, take it easy for two weeks at least after this assault on your body. The procedure is certainly worth the discomfort but don't end up feeling 'beaten up' like I still do. Not so simple actually!

    (Even if you do rest adequately, it is still a huge trauma.)

  • In the News (with comment).

    Here are my comments on some of the news items this week.
    -The Bahrain Grand Prix. Great win for Vettel and so nice to see two Lotus drivers on the podium. Lotus and Kimi getting their act together. Should the Grand Prix have been held? Yes, because a cancellation should have been done weeks ago not at the eleventh hour.Too much at stake. Mrs Balls please note!
    -Simon Cowell's biography out. The man is a maniac around Women. Good for him!At his age he is sounding a bit seedy though.
    -My daughter tells me it will take 87 days of rain to prevent severe drought restrictions in Britain. This sounds serious!
    -Sarkozy on the way out? It looks like it. Apart from all the economic considerations and Sarko's views, it seems to me that the French don't particularly want a celebrity President.They want a bit less style and a lot more pragmatic thinking.
    -I think the victor in the London Mayoral election will turn out to be the man who has done the most for London's progress. I know it's political but I still think it boils down to that.
    -Hyundai's Elantra was voted North American Car of the Year and South Africa's Car of the Year.More kudos will come because it is a brilliant car. There is a challenge here from a car maker that struggled to sell its Pony models twenty years ago. We can learn a lot from the Koreans.

  • Motoring: Pack it in, you Electric car guys!

    On a recent Discovery program Wayne Cerini (he of Chasing Classic Cars), drove a 1912 Rausch and Lang Electric Car. This beautiful oldie has a range of 86 miles, Wayne told us. I am stunned. The latest Nissan Leaf electric car can hardly make 100 miles on one charge. Is this progress?

    Wayne may have been exaggerating about the range, but does it matter? We have not made any inroads into electric car range, no matter how good our batteries are. This explains why the Nissan Leaf is, despite government subsidies, still a loss-making car. Some motoring journals report that the Leaf will never recover its cost due to huge depreciation in the first year. I say the car is a failure. The new Vauxhall Ampera is not strictly a fully electric car nor does it have a large petrol engine (like a petrol/electric hybrid). A type of generator kicks in once the batteries start to drain and this gives increased range. I've seen the road test and now await the results. I think a lot of customers will shun the Ampera due to its BMW-like price and its quirky set-up. Let's see.

    The hybrid car is the way to the future: Most manufacturers are producing them and there's no anxiety of the type you may experience in your electric car. "Darling, the Leaf won't get us to Sheffield. What do we do now?"

    These electric-only cars are duds unless you're only going to see Auntie Mabel on the other side of Sheffield.

  • A note to Kim.

    Whizz, bang, whoosh, fizzle. These are the sounds of a North Korean rocket (with satellite), that asthmatically left the ground for a full thirty seconds. " Never mind, dear illustrious leader, most of your people praised you for your endeavours. Actually they came out in their thousands two days later as you paraded your weapons (fibreglass 1940's style rockets and old Soviet tanks), and celebrated the one hundredth anniversary of your grandfather's birth. Your soldiers looked smart though, very smart, because they, fortunately, are well fed.

    Your army is huge --possibly a million men,and every man is a spy too! Very impressive. In fact no other nation on earth can truly say that the army is the country and the country is the army. In your case it's true because you hide everyone else away. Neat; clever.

    What amazes me Kim, are all the decoys clapping and cheering. Are they yours? I mean, if I was eating rats I would not be too keen to come and cheer you. I believe your people have little electricity. Can't believe it in 2012 --perhaps the media in the West have distorted the truth? They also harp on about your nuclear aspirations. They say you have a bomb. Great news but if I were you I wouldn't fiddle with the fuse. Could backfire like the rocket.

    Two comments I read recently seem to be lies. One commentator said the cost of the rocket was enough to feed your people for ten years. Can't be true because they're not there. Another guy asked how you could build a rocket when you have few cars. Get his drift? No mechanics, no rocket. Laughable really.

    So, you've made your first public speech. Very convincing. Chip off the old block. One helluva powerful nation!Don't mess with us.

    My problem, Kim, is that you seem to live in Disneyland. It's just too surreal but you do it well buddy. Cheers."

  • Evil or Insane?

    Google News asks this question as Anders Breivik went on trial for 77 murders in Norway. What exactly is evil? Surely most evil people who commit murder or genocide are insane. We hear of many evil people in every walk of life. One example is Harold Shipman. Surely this man was insane to murder so many patients?

    Is there a finer line here? I think not. Perhaps I'm misguided but I believe all evil people to be insane simply because their deeds are completely unnatural and a reflection on mental instability. How do the experts distinguish between evil and insane? Surely the two must be very close? What do you think?

  • In the News this week: My comments.

    Balotelli and Tevez are living proof of a new type of footballer: He who seeks to injure; he who has no respect for club, manager or supporters; he who is above reproach (seemingly). These gents need to get their heads in place---they are talented, sure, but drilling Mancini into the ground. Mohican idiot Balotelli has a big ego but is basically a rich scumbag. Tevez is a spoilt scumbag! Sometimes you have to take out your best prospects due to the damage they cause. Hope Mancini recovers.
    -Bassad of Syria has no law--he is a law unto himself. He will not hold back from destroying his country and if you think Kofi Annan is making progress with peace initiatives, I'm afraid you're wrong.Bassad is Hitler, Stalin, Gaddafi et al in one package. He is Doctor Death.
    -As I'm getting to 'elderly in a few years time could I request that the people in care homes receive the proper care and that the elderly in hospitals receive proper nursing. Lately, there have been too many reports of a lack of respect for the elderly. I venture into controversial territory when I suggest that immigrant care staff don't give a F***. How far away am I from the truth? Are these people trained properly or are we looking at lower standards simply because Britain is too bloody soft.
    -Ergo the above: Let me tell you that British and ex-patriate teachers in the Middle East have a far better work ethic than (generally), teachers in the homeland. If you don't agree tell me why year fives can't read, write or do arithmetic? We seem to deal with second language pupils more ably here. Capable British teachers get their heads above water. Those who are sloppy and lazy , drown.
    -The North Koreans are about to launch a rocket with a satellite. I believe it. Should this thing turn into a long range missile NK could turn into a Hiroshima. Pity the poor who eke out less than 1 dollar a day while the little fat boy plays with his toys.
    -As the Presidential candidates for the 'New Egypt" are entered into the race , new laws are made to exclude some of them. It is a farce. Google Egypt News for more.

  • Life is how you look at it!

    Most of my blog friends lead inspiring lives and I think I've been pretty inspired too. Now I've settled down and there is little exploring to do at 'just about' 65. I became a headmaster at a young age and school was never my first priority. My priorities were simple:My wife, my children, our love of dancing and music, our love of socialising. After leaving Government employment we travelled to quite a few countries in Africa, teaching and experiencing other cultures.

    Our adventures were inspiring, social lives lived to the limit and life was not boring. I have been kidnapped, arrested and snowed in. I have rescued people in a disaster and I have gone out looking for students at night in the Lesotho Highlands. My life has been enriched by adventure.

    Now, I run a successful school and spend many working hours seeing to school matters. My staff complain because we do not go out at night to eat or socialise. Well, thats just us in our sixties. It is not a case of 'you're losers'. Hardly. We brought up two sensible adults.

    Now, to ward off old age syndrome or alzheimers, we work. And it's fulfilling. And we'll carry on for as long it takes.

  • Putting 2 and 2 together. Medication.

    Taking Internet medical advice is not always wise but I had occasion to learn something even though I did see a Doctor.She (nice lady) prescribed beta blockers for a headache that was persistent for two weeks. My secretary was feeding me ibuprofen pills for the headaches (my 3 girls in the office look after me!), but it was worrying.Then I developed a sore, upset stomach.

    Putting 2 and 2 together I Googled and came up with Gastritis. The site told me that gastritis is usually caused by three things: diet, ibuprofen and alcohol.Half the problem solved. Stopped the ibuprofen, cut down alcohol. Diet did not come into it.

    Then I realized that the source of the headaches was Zolam tablets. I don't normally take zolam as it is alprazolam, but the pharmacy had run out of my harmless EN sleeping tabs so I was taking these instead. They were giving me pounding headaches. So,finding the source was satisfying and I cut out Zolam. Voila, no headaches. No Zolam, no ibuprofen, no headaches or gastritis.

    It took Google and logic to solve my problem. Doctor was way off but she didn't know the whole story. I had to work it out for myself. I don't think anyone should self medicate unless it is minor so please consult your doctor.

  • Motoring: More Lancias! Gross!

    There is much more to motoring than Chrysler, but I report again on some more grotesque models unveiled by Chrysler Fiat and I wonder if the Fiat group is wise to release some 'Yank Tanks' alongside small Fiats and already failing Lancia Ypsilon's and Delta's. This is madness.

    The Chrysler 300C has recently been updated and this is a popular Chrysler model overseas. However, they have now taken a 300C, added a new grille and called it the Lancia Thema (A proud name now attached to a bulky tank!). Anyone know about the Chrysler Voyager or Town & Country, a huge behemoth with every conceivable luxury--and popular with large families-with TV screens, auto doors and everything but the kitchen sink. Now there is a Lancia Voyager of the same ilk--and probably the largest Lancia ever made!

    Will these Chrylancia's sell. I doubt it but I could be wrong.

  • In The News This Week.

    Some comments on the news.
    -What the hell are Olympic officials (no matter how junior), doing in Mogadishu? Don't they realize that Somalia is one of the most dangerous countries in the World? Which fool sent them there?
    -Cameron and Clegg are at odds again. Wonder how long this coalition will last!
    -Warship on way to Falklands. Decoy, challenge or what?
    -I shudder at Spain's problems. Half of under 25's unemployed. That is very serious. How long before Britain matches this figure?
    -Mitt (Jeez, what a moniker),Romney basks in his glory. There is something false about this man. What is it?
    -Whose Spaniel eats computer cables? Mine. Help!

  • The Harrier Secrecy.

    The Daily Mail reported last week that the entire Harrier fleet of planes was sold to the USA for a price of 112 million quid. The US found the bargain of the year because said Harriers were refitted recently at a cost of 600 million pounds.

    The following mails were intercepted by my intrepid spy Wilfred Nightingale:
    Top Secret: General Hovis Mc Vitie: Hey Sam, we've been offered some Harriers by the Brits. Cash price 300 million bucks.
    Pentagon Procurement Mgr. Colonel Sam Cohen: Shit, Oh hey. Sign quickly buddy. That's a f***ing good airplane. We couldn't make one. Get that deal in the tank buddy.
    -General Hovis: Yeah, they've been upgraded too. A fu**ing bargain.
    -Sam: Get it signed off, buddy. No arguments here. Shit, the Brits are thicko.
    -General Hovis: Yep, I'm signing now. Whoopee. Fu**ing assholes. What are they doing?
    -Sam: Well, (singing): They aint got a carrier for a Harrier!
    - General Hovis : (singing) : Oh, they don't know their arses from their elbows, and they throw all their goods out the windows!

    Wilfred says we should not advertise these facts too much because the Government is embarrassed.
    So they should be. No wonder the fools are broke.


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