Comment from a doctor: " This is a step in the right direction." Bulldust. You can change the laws but you won't change the drinker. Does anyone think that a few minor details will affect a major piss-up? Sorry, I don't agree. Only prohibition--and possibly not even that ----can change habits. The British drinker is immune to new laws. No more 'buy one get one free'. So what. Some boozers will pay 50 quid for a case of the best lager!

The new laws have no chance--- and they talk about saving 900 lives a year.9000 would be a damn sight better.900 alcoholics with liver disease could go into re-hab to boost your figures mate. We're talking about a nation of boozers here, not an island with a population of 2 million.

God, and they all think it's great. Bloody fools.