Don't like to comment on other bloggers but ham-B worries me. Let's be diplomatic and say that an anarchist is not my type of friend. Must tick him off as over and out. I have other worries too: I had some worries about my colon so had a doctor push a black tube with camera and snippers up my Jack Robinson to prove I had a good colon. At my age a good colon is good news. Ticked that one off.

As I have mentioned before I'm having a complete health check to celebrate my 65th in six month's time. Next came a bladder, kidney ,prostate and liver scan. Prostate slightly enlarged and liver fatty but not enlarged. Heineken must be quite pure ---is there a harmless beer? Anyway, all ticked off now and Heineken still in the fridge!

My doc says everyone over fifty will have a slightly enlarged prostate just due to ageing (secret tip from Doc: men of 70 who are still sexually active have healthier prostates). Must tell the wife!

What's next? Well my dog has an hot spot on his tail so he'll have to be seen to soon. Hope to tick that off soon. Problem is, where would a man be without a few worries? Must find a few somewhere?