I worked in England for 9 months and, although it was like a gap year, I wanted to work. I lectured in a prison for 28 pounds an hour and did a PR job with a Mitsubishi agent on weekends. For that I got 6 pounds an hour for an 8 hour day. Peanuts. I enjoyed myself tremendously.

The minimum wage then was around about 5.27 I think. Now Mr Vince Cable has announced a rise in the minimum wage to 6.19 pounds per hour. How generous!

I would like to ask Mr Cable 3 questions:
"Why have you left out the under 21's?"
" Why is your increase so pitiful?"
" Why have you left the increase until October? Are we supposed to applaud you?"

This is a government that spends millions every month in Afghanistan. This is a government that scraps defence equipment the yanks have snapped up (most of the scrapped Harriers). This is a government that sits with over 2 million unemployed and you offer 6.19 pounds! Some people on benefits earn more than that. Why October, Mr Cable, are you broke?

What a bunch of scrooges. By, the way, the youngsters who will not get this new rate, are the breath of the country. Stab them in the back for frying burgers is what you are doing.