Tattoos, earrings and other piercings happen World wide but why do people do this to themselves. Okay, nose and eye rings can be removed as can tongue rings, lip rings etc but tattoos are difficult to remove. I honestly think it's either an in-thing with youngsters and is in vogue, but Golden Oldies with tattoos and rings look stupid.

Saw a TV progamme with two sixty year old's recently who both looked unkempt, had straggly hair and large bellies (mama too), and tattoos and eyebrow rings--as well as a few others. Do we all have to imitate Onslow? Do we have to advertise that many of us are lower class types, fag hanging from mouth and vests as only garments. Lots of comments here I'm sure.

Do Brits have to display lower class when we may not even be so? Look at Beckham--he's a walking tattoo nightmare even in his Jockey shorts. Go to the Costa Del Sol and you can easily pick out the cheap holiday Brits. The tattoos, the piercings, old hags with scraggly hair and men with beer bellies. Fag is always in hand and a can of lager in the other!

I'm serious-we look like a nation of gypsies and has-beens. What do others think of us? A bunch of rough moaners looking like trailer trash. God help us.
(Disclaimer: The author is being critical in the name of research.)