I thought a majority shareholding by Fiat would turn Chrysler around. Remember the PT Cruiser that was too embarrassing to be seen in? Well, they've done it again. Now they've produced two more lemons with Fiat engines and design input. The Fiat engines are excellent but the cars look like mismatched dinosaurs with huge toothy grilles. Smaller version is the Ypsilon and the large barge is called Delta (Lancia names remember?), and they are powered by super-efficient multiair and twin air engines from Fiat. Ypsilon gets 900 cc through 1200 (10695 to 14 595 GBP), while the Delta gets a 1400 at 20 945 pounds. Can you get better value from about 25 competitors? Yes.

Look, a Fiat engine is a wonder of engineering and the 1.4 produces efficiency that is amazing in the huge Delta (128bhp) but oh, the disappointment of the exterior and interior of this pseudo luxo tank! The interior is Yank and the exterior is pure KIA (five years ago).

Both cars wear the ugliest grilles since the Ford Edsel and will be sold in Europe as Lancia's. In the UK they sell as Chrysler's. What did we do to deserve this? Think I'm being too critical? Autocar said the quality was unimpressive,refinement average and practicality disappointing. Clarkson sniggered and Car suggested a Panda instead.

The hammer blows came from those magazines that predicted that these two American Lancias would not sell well. I agree.
I won't be too negative: The engines are a joy. Put a Fiat engine in a PT Cruiser and you could get close at 2000 quid!