Boy, do I love spam. Fried in batter, served with eggs and bacon--perfect.

My spam blocker is not set correctly and should be but here are some examples of spam I've received recently.
-"Hello My Dear"--mails from Cameroon, Liberia, Somalia et al. They promise me marriage and love. Poor Ms Mazibuko. She is sending out thousands of mails to would -be suitors. Where do they get our addresses?
-'You've won 8 million pounds!' I get these every day. Thinking of buying Abramovitch's yacht now.
-'See my nude pics.' Love to honey but you'll give me a virus.
-'You qualify for a free life experience degree.' Darling , I have two real ones. Why would I want another?
- 'Dr Crawford left you ten thousand pounds in his will.' Great Sir, send me a valid cheque. I do not have a bank account.'
The best: 'I am Sharia Gaddafi and would like you to store some of my gold.I will compensate you.' Sharia, I have a friend in Libya called Moammer Sedik. Please give him the gold and I promise to put it in a safe place. His details are.......

Firstly I don't open attachments and , secondly, I chuckle like crazy when I read these. I don't really reply-- just made that up.

Are there really suckers who believe these mails? Are there people prepared to give all their banking details to a stranger. I can believe it.