As everyone knows by now, Wikileaks has published 60 000 documents about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. To my mind (and I emphasise this), it shows communal slaughter, war in the raw and devious misunderstandings about what the war should be about. There are war crimes shown in these documents, there are tough decisions made by commanders and there are wrong decisions made by commanders.

Sure, call it irresponsible but also call it failure to keep information secret.
Sure call it a breach in confidentiality but whose breach?
Sure call it compromising but Wikileaks did not compromise--the powers that be did.

Don't get me wrong--War is a nasty business but I believe too many cowboys were let loose. Julian Assange tells it as it is and if the White House and Downing Street think he was irresponsible then think about this: War is nasty;civilians get killed; Targeting civilians without proper information is a War crime;Cowboys guessing on hits, whether from helicopters or with missiles, is a War crime.

The line has to be drawn somewhere. Strangely, on Sky News, no official AUDIO statements by the US or UK on the leaks.

If they're embarrassed, I won't be surprised. If you're looking at War Crimes, Gentlemen there's plenty to embarrass you. Julian is not responsible, you are.