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The lovely town of Bourneville has been transformed in the past year. The butcher, baker and fishmonger have all been converted to cheese shops. The cheese is the best in the World: Red Indian cheddar (delicious with a taste of New Orleans Lobster), Yankee Doodle (A mellow cheese with no taste --for those who don't like cheese), and Bush Blue ( a Stilton like cheese with Kraft chocolate buttons instead of the smelly stuff).

The first Pontiac dealer showroom has just opened and Walmart will be opening soon as Walmart (not Asda).Enjoy a great meal at the OBAMA grill. Superb filet Mignon with the special Michelle Cheddar.

And, wait for it, the first pub in Bourneville called the Clinton Club, an exclusive establishment selling Budweiser, Miller and Pabst beers. Enjoy a quiet Jack Daniels on the patio listening to the music of Andy Williams and The Old Geezers banjo band. Then join other guests for a Texas Ribeye steak smothered in Philadelphia cream cheese or a Senate Burger with your choice of cheese. Around back is the Uncle Tom's Casino and Tassle Tillys Lapdance club.

You folks,y'all have a swank time in our new town soon to be named Crapville (Sheeit Bill, it's Kraftville--ed.)